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Mystral’s Infinite Echoes EP spins a web of audio intention, blending beautiful Melody and atmospherics with hard hitting drums and bass lines to create a release with a finely balanced amount of depth and edge. Pulling from inspiration fueled by childhood favorite genre’s like Reggae, Rock, and Middle Eastern, you can hear influences from Live Music as well as Electronic. Cleverly sampled strings, horns, and live percussion are put in fluid progression with synths to drive songs along, as
sounds merge and blend seamlessly to create an uplifting, and psychedelic effect. This is all put over a foundation of carefully crafted bass and Drum grooves to keep your body moving, and your heart

“If the phoenix die’s, it is only to be reborn – better and brighter than before”

5 tracks EP

released May 4, 2015


Written and Produced by Mystral

Art: Aeonic Design


Art: Aeonic –

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #bassmusic #melodic #deep

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