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After the performance of Secret Vibes in 2009 at the festival Misterika in Ukraine, two associates, Andrii Okujah (the founder of the projects : ShivaOm, Lacerta, Frog Prog/ Amrita), created the electronic band and called it “Art Imagination”. Two years later the name was shortened to IMAGINATION

Now all the music in the project is made by Andrii and guitarist Josh from Britain, all the other musicians are session musicians and are invited individually to each release.

The slogan of the group is – “to break stereotypes”. It speaks of the perfect musical diversity in the project concept. The sound of the project is constantly changing, it is important for us to combine electronic music with parts of musicians on live instruments. connection of roots with new technologies.  the main directions that the project represents>  Psybass, Worldbass, Psychill, Tribal, Psyambient, Ethnic, Chillgressive, World, Electronic.

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