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Martins Garden & Friends

My sincere gratitude to all the talented musicians who have contributed their masterful art to this project. My deepest respect also to all the himalayan cultures we were inspired from.
_ Martins Garden

9 tracks Album

released May 25, 2017


Marcel Umberg aka Martins Garden: overall composition, arrangement and production
Lorenzo Mantovani aka Lo.Renzo: sarangi, acoustic guitar, banjo and small percussion on Shangri-La, Mithraya and Equinox
Moreno Spyfromcairo Visini: oud on Horizon, Mithraya and Gravita
Jenner Clark aka Ponder: sound design on Shangri-La, Mithraya and Equinox
Alfredo Treccani aka Halfred: sound design on Himalaya
André Martins aka Yechidah: sound design on Reincarnation and Shaolin

Graphic design: Sacred Sound
Mastering: Peter Farr, Rino Records

#electronic #sydney #ambient #dubstep #electronic #glitchhop #classic #globalbass #psybient

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