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Hideyo Blackmoon

Hideyo Black Moon is a boho Japanese DJ, producer, composer, and vocalist who is passionate about the healing power of music for individual well-being. Throughout her life, she has embarked on a journey of self-mastery and exploration, with music always playing a central role.
Hideyo’s musical endeavors began at a young age when she started taking keyboard lessons and performed as a vocalist in bands. Her love for dancing led her to immerse herself in the world of dance music in Tokyo during the late 1980s when the four-on-the-floor beat was gaining prominence. It was during this time that she experienced the transformative magic of music, where time and space dissolved, and the dance floor united everyone as one entity. This profound experience inspired her to fully embrace a life dedicated to music.
One of the aspects that makes Hideyo unique and original is her nomadic lifestyle, traveling the world and participating in festival circuits over the past decade. She has performed at renowned international music festivals such as Burning Man (three times), Boom Festival (six times), Total Eclipse Festivals (seven times), and Rainbow Serpent (three times). Having lived in San Francisco and Israel in the past, she is currently based in Ibiza, a hub for electronic music and artistic expression.
In addition to her festival appearances, Hideyo has graced nightclubs, yoga and meditation workshops and retreats, fashion and art events, and has released four albums and more. Her music encompasses a wide range of genres, reflecting her diverse influences and experiences gathered from around the globe.
What sets Hideyo apart from other artists is her holistic approach to wellness through music. She has developed a unique style of dance therapy that goes beyond mere entertainment and encourages emotional and physical healing. Furthermore, she offers sound therapy sessions using her composed ambient music, which incorporates 19 different solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies are designed to balance the energy and frequencies within her listeners, providing a harmonizing and therapeutic experience.
Hideyo Black Moon is not only a musician and performer but also a proponent of the profound impact that music can have on our well-being. Through her artistic expressions and healing practices, she strives to create transformative experiences for her audience, fostering a sense of unity, balance, and healing through the power of music.

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