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Continuing the legacy of the ‘Resonant’ Series, ‘Harmonic’ will continue to bring the light of awareness to artist who are yet to be a part of the label, or are lesser known and underground, and deserve attention.

Ear selected by Kalya Scintilla, this diverse and eclectic compilation strays far from one genre or ‘box’ of sound. Kalya is known for selecting songs and artist based on soul, originality and emotion, so expect a journey of diversity.

Showcasing 19 songs Harmonic Realms will teleport you into an undiscovered world of texture and sound.

19 tracks Compilation

released January 2, 2020


Mastering: Audible Oddities
Cover art: Yaegon

#electronic #ambient #dubstep #electronic #experimental #glitch hop #gypsy #middle eastern #organic #world music #Australia

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