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Looking through some old hard drives I discovered a collection of some of the earliest Merkaba songs that never saw the light of a release.

Back then my production was evolving swiftly so that when I put together my first EP for Zenon in 2010, The Thirteenth Step, all the tunes that came before that seemed redundant to me.
Sometimes as an artist when we have a large amount of time away from our early works and we re-discover them again and we are able to listen with fresh ears and with less self judgement.

Listening to these tunes again I can feel the pure joy, excitement and experimentation I was striving for as I birthed the Merkaba sound.

If you were on the dance floors of an Aussie Bush Doof around 2008-2011, you might remember this magical time.

I’m delighted to finally share these songs with the rest of earth.

8 tracks Album

released February 17, 2022


Remastered by: Merkaba Mastering

Cover art: Aeonic Design

#electronic #sydney #ambient #dubstep #electronic #glitchhop #healing #minimal #progressivepsy #psychedelic #techno #trance #Australia

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