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Gui aka Expedizion from Argentina, living and learning from the natural cycles, from the earth and the sky. Also dedicated to permaculture and fruit crop.

“I have been participating in Merkaba Music compilations since 2014, opening the legendary album Resonant Mind.
In my life, Expedizion works as a real expedition to the unknown, the uncreated, what has not yet arrived, a potential future. From there I take elements and bring them to my present as sound, to share them with the world.
My new track in the label is Awakening Heart, I love how it turned out. I composed it especially for Soothe the Soul, based on guitar melodies that had been floating around in my studio about 3 years ago.
I feel that the idea and essence of this song can be continued, and I plan to do it through a compilation of versions of some artists of the label”.

Gui is also working on parallel projects to Expedizion. Xamãdança is his new downtempo/house project, and Expedizionika is his progressive side.

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