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Abhaya Sky

endless is an evolving album. Most of it was improvised out of the blue, arriving sporadically in luminous fragments. I found myself daydreaming one day, not quite knowing how to turn these small moments into a complete journey. The thought then occurred to me that it might never be complete, and maybe that was a good thing.

And then, in my mind, a curious question arose: what if I made an album that was never supposed to be finished, more like a space that listeners could return to, occasionally finding it had changed a little, or even quite a lot? What if I made a record that continued to shift and unfold over the course of the rest of my life? What would it sound like after fifty years? This album is like that. Every now and then it will change when the time is right, and the newest evolution will replace the last. If you make a connection with this record in its present state, the only way to hang onto it is to buy a copy and download the files before it changes form.

9 Tracks Album

released June 21, 2024


This is the first evolution of endless, a collection of music made as an offering of curious play at a time when, having decided finally to try making a living from music, I found myself disconnected from the source. This is the music I made for no purpose at all in an effort to reconnect with the river of creativity within myself. This too, is the music I made as I realised my true age as a child of the universe, and stared mortality in the face as I lost my mother, my grandmother and two beloved friends. This is the sound of turning once again, back towards myself, towards this life of wonder, mystery and pain.

A few of these songs are unfinished, and some of them I adore. Of two songs in particular… I am not so sure.
I’ve some notion of where this is going, but won’t foolishly think that I lead. The best I can do is to listen, and enjoy how it feels to be free. 

Naomi Dart – cello on tracks 1 and 7.
Sarah Monk – bass flute on track 1.

The Spooky Men’s Chorale – men’s chorus sampled on track 1

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering.
Artwork by Christopher Sutherland.

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #dub #bassmusic #melodic #deep #psybient #psybass #psychill #australia


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