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Tribal Alchemy & Akacia

Elemental captures Tribal Alchemy’s 4 years living and creating in Chilean Patagonia on the active, and powerful, Ruka Pillan (Vol-can Villarrica).

With the rich poetry and vocals of Akacia, Tribal Alchemy pays homage to the Elements of Air, Earth, and Fire in this EP.

Tribal Alchemy, after venturing to the birth place of the Andes, found himself beautifully trapped there as a result of the global pandemic. This EP is a tribute to the people and places of the snow-capped peaks of Patagonia, and brings forward moments of captivating beauty, tempered with the raw power of the forever present volcanos, smoking and rumbling incessantly in those captivating and isolated lands.

4 tracks EP

released December 14, 2023


Mastering by Will @ Sonic Alchemy Studio
Artwork by Will Lockton

Akacia: Jennifer Garcia Porras [Vocals]
Adrian Rojas Bustos [Guitar in Tierra Somos]


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