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ElectrowaveZ is a musical duo with a unique twist. The project is the brainchild of Charlie Shaabi and Richard Savo, two brothers that have a lot more in common than a strong personal bond. Their eclectic music taste allowed them to reach out to a broad audience throughout the Middle East and beyond, contributing to the massive outbreak of electronic music in contemporary Arab culture. Their sound is a fusion between east and west, where mesmerizing melodies blend in with expertly crafted beats and powerful hooks. Charlie and Richard are particularly attentive to their production aesthetics, creating detail-oriented tracks that feel vivid and vibrant, embodying a wide variety of influences, such as deep bass, edgy beats and psychedelic sonic carpets. ElectrowaveZ managed to leave a powerful mark on the music scene early on in their career, making waves with their debut album, “Elemental”, which was well-received by audiences and critics alike. In addition to their excellence in the studio, ElectrowaveZ are well-known for their magnetic and hypnotic live sets, which engage with the audience in a very innovative way. Find out more about ElectrowaveZ and don’t miss out on the artists recent.

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