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Psychedelic Music (Psybreaks, PsyDub, PsyChill, Downtempo, Midtempo…) Kyrian commenced piano at the age of 6 and drums at the age of 11. Interested in all kinds of music, he first made electronic music in high school. Whilst at university studying neurosciences he continued making music and produced a few tracks. Inspired by psychedelic music for many years, he launched the project Ekorce in 2014. The name is derived from the french word “écorce” emphasising the organic and raw aspects of his music. In 2016 his first EP “Biosphere” was released on Pistolero Recordings and in 2017, his second EP “Genetic Poetry” was released on SoundRising Records. At the end of 2017, he joined the webinars from Audio Alchemy lead by Hedflux and Opulence and he contributed to the first Audio Alchemy Compilation with his track “Natural Selection”.

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