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The project Ecention was born at the end of 2019. It is embodied by Orell Hürzeler from Switzerland. His intuitive curiosity combined with the fascination for sound design led him to explore new paths. He felt the desire to give form to the spiritual inner worlds through music and rediscovered his love to the world of sound waves. Since the fundamental basis for this expression contains inner peace and focus of all what is, it was obvious to produce at slower speeds than they are heard in earlier works. (Since 2010 many of Orell’s (aka Kreisel, Take Both) productions have been released on various labels with a focus on deep & tech house). He started building worlds of organic instruments and textures combined with electronic sounds. His music is produced with intention. It tells stories.. even if no words are used. His official debut as Ecention is the concept album «Ancient Knowledge». It is dedicated to our ancestors and cultures, whose wisdom and development we are only just beginning to understand. It’s about eternal ascension. Ecention.

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