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Merkaba Music Records proudly invites you on a consciential and sonic trip from this devoted compilation made by the artist Fada [1]. It was almost two years of working involving thirteen amazing sound alchemists from Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and The United States. This concept started from the experiences of this Djane who became a mother…and rediscovered herself with the awakening of another divine face, through motherhood, studies and practices of self-knowledge, circles of women, meditations and healing rituals. One of her missions is to rescue the Sacred Feminine Principle through the balance of the Yin and Yang energies, unconditional love, respect for life, planet Earth and the union of beings of all dimensions. Since the beginning of times, the symbolic representations of all cultures are configured through Myths. Mythological figures are the personification of the archetypal matrices of the Collective Unconscious. Myths are the clues to the psychic and spiritual potentialities of human life, what we are able to know and experience internally and collectively. Therefore, identifying, understanding and working with the symbology of archetypes helps us to keep our minds in touch with the experience of being alive.

released November 13, 2017


The theme of these compilation promotes a look at one of the main mythological manifestations that symbolize the Feminine, the archetype of the Mother Goddess. Each guest artist chose and represented a Goddess through their music [2], among too many deities. Although it exists in different forms and manifestations, the Mother Goddesses represent only ONE powerful source of energy generated through their sacred womb, the cosmic starter fire, the principle of universal wisdom [3]. The Great Mother is a Divine Frequency in elevation and expansion, an inspirational awareness that holds everything about healing and creation. This way we honor and celebrate this sacred frequency of inexhaustible source of love that is available for all of us.. After all, we are all Gods!

Connect yourself, feel and let this energy flows through your light being. Enjoy it…
Namaste! Aho!
17 tracks Compilation

1] Andreia Mendes aka Fada is Brazilian, artist, DJ, producer, curator, stage & artist manager, music researcher, graphic designer and mother! Since 2005 she’s on the electronic’s music road and continues walking ahead and expanding her Chillout project – supported by Merkaba Music Records and Cymatic Lab – and Dark Progressive project – supported by Uroboros Records, as well her ambient / meditative djset called Mahalakshmi.

[3] The stunning and divine art of ‘Jake Kobrin’ has been inspired by Fada’s visions and carefully created to visually express this digital release. A very limited edition of 50 18×18 inch prints is available on his store at >> << 

Artwork by Jake Kobrin Art and Design
Cover Art Design by Andreia Mendes
Mastering by Audible Oddities
Revision and Translation by Milena Bessa
Compiled by Fada

#electronic #sydney #ambient #dubstep #electronic #glitchhop #classic #globalbass #psybass

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