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Since 1999, Demian Lara has been producing music non stop falling under a variety of genres like Progressive Trance, Tech House, Glitch Hop and many others but in 2015, Demian found his niche in the world of melodic bass music and has been producing under the alias Cirqular ever since. Combining his production with world class turntable skills, Cirqular has been a name that many have been looking forward to putting on their lineups. In 2017, Cirqular played for first time in the US at Oakland’s legendary Wormhole Wednesday’s, as a part of Street Ritual’s takeover. In 2018, he headlined the Astral Lights Festival runned by the Tipper and Friend’s Team in St Louis, Missouri. In 2019, Cirqular played at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans and for first time at Cosmic Convergence Festival in Guatemala. Since 2020, he has worked with Denver’s Restore Love crew, headlining two mini festivals and finally getting his foot in the door at the iconic venue, The Black Box in 2021. The las stop for him in the US was in Wichita with Tribal Roots Crew. His name has been slowly and carefully developed, releasing music under Australia’s Merkaba Music, amongst various other labels. He has also done remixes for Kaya Project, Globular and Mystic Grizzly.

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