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Alpha Hypnotica

We dedicate this EP to the Guru and who also initiated the name of it (nama diksha). Camatkara means astonishment in sanskrt. It is a state of I-amazement, a gift of the nectar of worship during the yoga process. When the yogi is in the state of subjectivity, the state of full bliss (camatkara) that arises by experiencing the own true nature. This is pure consciousness.

The first track is very deep, diverse, psychedelic and experimental, that’s why it is called Transgressive. The second one is dedicated to Ganesha, the deity of yoga, who removes all obstacles. The third track is about a special astral-body experience and the last one is about the ether, the 32nd tattva, the magical „silence of nothingness”, which is the cause of all other four elements.

4 tracks EP

released September 7, 2023


All tracks written, composed, produced and mastered by Tomas Tomovic.

Co-compose, vocals, lyrics: Emerencia Tomovic.

Mastering by Tomas Tomovic.
Artwork by Emerencia Tomovic, Andreia Mendes.

#electronic #ambient #balkan #downtempo #dub #dubstep #glitchhop #globalbass #grooveoriental #psybass #psychedelic

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