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Brujo’s Bowl

The project ‘Brujo’s Bowl’ is the alias of Saxon Higgs. A multi disciplinary musician and producer from mid Wales (UK).

Saxon started out by playing about with various instruments when he was a teenager, playing in bands and organizing jam sessions in the depths of the wild welsh countryside. On the verge of leaving secondary school, Saxon and a few of his friends became interested in electronic music. This was when dubstep had just hit the underground music scenes of the UK, and still had it’s unique non-commercial sound. Producers such as 2562 had a large impact on Saxon’s ears.
In 2008 at the age of 17. Saxon began self teaching himself how to use various pieces of music production software. He began playing a few of his tracks out at club nights and began receiving some encouraging feedback. After going to a few psytrance festivals in 2009-2010. Saxon’s musical perception was turned sideways forever. He changed course, and began working on the project ‘Brujo’s Bowl’.

The Brujo’s work and live sets have developed from the typical psychedelic sound which founded the project. These days. Since starting his new project, Beatroots. Saxon’s focus is to bring a more intelligent and minimal bass music vibe in deep progressive to the audience’ ears. Concentrating on expanding tones through time and space, intricate rhythms that transform with the expanding crescendos and chord polyrhythms, carrying the ever so ‘addictive’ loops forward, onward and upward. Harnessing simplicity, becoming fully involved with the ethos of ‘Less Is More’ and further developing in the way he explores synthesis and sound design.

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