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Basher Toe

Basher Toe is the alias of Chen Be’er. Producing electronic music since 2011 in various genres like house techno, experimental downtempo and trance, Chen felt the urge of exploring a new style of music. He began focusing on bass music fused with the world’s folkloric sounds. today this fusion genre is known as Global Bass music. While releasing single tracks, remixes and playing in parties and festivals all over Israel, Chen took his passion of exploring and playing this type of music one step further.

He started broadcasting a weekly show called ‘Global Beat’ on a public Radio Station, playing Global Bass and many other sub genres of ethnic electronic music. In march 2018 Chen released his debut EP ‘Reclaimed by Nature’, which brings a deep shamanic musical journey with modern aspects of life. This Ep includes the track Spirality part 1 featuring the shamanic female rapper Mama Loopa. The lyrics for this track were written by Chen himself, describing a symbolic state of mind that he had  experienced in his life. This track is known as the signature track for this EP and was played by many radio stations. Today Chen continues to explore world cultures and and their musical nature, while in parallel, experimenting with different rhythms and styles of electronic music, in order to serve the listener and dancer with a universal mind blowing journey.

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