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AZRIN is a world renowned DJ, producer & darkness extraordinaire, who can be found on the industry leading record labels, ZENON RECORDS and MERKABA MUSIC. Having buried himself deep within the psychedelic scene, he bursts to the surface with his own fusion of mind bending, twisted, psygressive; or his spiritually enriching psychedelic chill. No matter the genre, Azrin breaks the mould with his everlasting energy, versatility and creativity behind the decks, showing the masses how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

Regularly performing on stages in Israel, Hungary, Germany, USA, Canada, India, Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia & of course Australia. Featured at Australia’s largest festivals: Rainbow Serpent, Eclipse Festival, Earthcore, Strawberry Fields and many more… 

Supporting and working alongside psychedelic royalty: Shpongle, Space Tribe, Ace Ventura, Astrix, Michelle Adamson, Lucas, Vini Vici, Perfect Stranger, Raja Ram, Simon Posford, Freedom Fighters, Captain Hook, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Tryambaka, Ital, Earthling, Ritmo, Protoculture, Zen Mechanics, Neelix, Liquid Soul, Growling Machines, Vibrasphere, Solar Fields, Wrecked Machines, Sensient, Kalya Scintilla, Tetrameth and more…

Whether it’s his releases, world-wide shows or having created some of Melbourne’s most iconic psychedelic events, Azrin has transformed into something more distinctive, separating him from the rest!

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