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‘As Earth to Sky’ is an intentional journey into the seven energetic vortices of the human being. As well as traversing the beauty of these realms this album takes us into the shadow and unconsciousness within the chakras so that we may see it with the light of our awareness. When we take the light of awareness into the shadow and observe these places within us they begin to change. Through this journey we discover the unseen so that we may liberate and reintegrate these parts of ourselves.

8 tracks Album

released June 21, 2016


This album was created in 96kHz/24bit high definition audio.
The current standard is 44.1kHz and has been around since the late 70’s. 96kHz has over double the information in the waveform and thus is a more true representation of the sound. This can be heard, but mostly felt through good quality sound systems.
There is also a 44.1kHz version available to those who wish to burn the music to CD of convert it into MP3.

We are an evolving species and our technology is evolving too.
Its time to evolve the standard!

Spoken word on: Earth, Solaris, All That Is, Sky – by Eve Olution
Chanting and singing on: Solaris, Truth, All That Is, Sky – by Eve Olution

Spoken Word on Heart Song by John Halcyon Styn

Didgerdoo on ‘Truth’ by: Alon Old Tree –


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