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Lu Tze

“In the vast cosmic tapestry of existence, the physical body serves as a vessel, a remarkable conduit through which consciousness navigates the dense expanse of this physical realm. We transcend our flesh, bones, and mind, as we embody an infinite ocean of consciousness that permeates the multiverse.

Interconnected as threads in the multiversal fabric, we witness the transient dance of vibration, where frequencies coalesce into an holographic illusion of light, sound, and matter. As we close our eyes, release our minds and dance amidst epic beats and galactic melodies in this cosmic dancefloor, we arise as energy, bridging realms with the fluidity of a river.

Within the depths of our inner being we can find a portal, a cosmic gateway through which we can transcend the constraints of time, space, and vibration. Take a step through this portal and remember our boundless nature: We are not just mere drops, we are the Ocean.”

9 Tracks Album

released May 16, 2024


All tracks composed and mixed by Rodrigo Botelho Pereira ( Lu Tze).

Track 04 – Marchello Baccheschi aka DM-Theory.
Track 08 – Neville Nixon (guitar in Guardian Angel).
Track 09 – Paulo Oliveira aka Síntese.

Mastering by Torin @ Ascended Mastering:
Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart:

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