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Arcturus is the psychedelic music project of New York born DJ & Producer, Daniel Kaplan. His music style oscillates between Psychedelic Bass, Trance, and Downtempo, fused with melodic multi cultural influences. Combining catchy rhythms influenced by early 90s hip hop, with psychedelic synth leads, and multi cultural instrumentation, Arcturus weaves his sonic alchemy into form.

By exploring genres and expanding his taste, Daniel has been influenced by many styles including hip hop, alternative rock, classic rock, jazz, electronic and many more..

He picked up the Piano, Saxophone, Guitar and Bass guitar starting at the age of 10. After leaving New York Daniel had a series of incredibly vivid UFO encounters which largely contributed to the creation and birth of “Arcturus” in 2013. His encounters led him to a community of people in Austin Texas, who had a group called 1Stomp and Create Culture, a platform for psychedelic bass and psychedelic trance music.

Following this, he performed at several outdoors festivals, beginning to build momentum as a DJ getting regular bookings at Elysium Nightclub & other notable clubs. With over a dozen events in the bag in Austin, he felt a calling to Nevada City, CA., There, Arcturus began releasing original music on Merkaba Music. The first of these releases was “Walking On Water”, on the compilation titled “Resonant Being” released in 2017. He attended Audio Alchemy on the big island of Hawaii during a massive volcano eruption that will never be forgotten by those who were there..

Following this he released a track titled “Kilauea” on the compilation titled “100th Comp” released in 2019. He also has released tracks on several compilations on the underground label “Visionary Shamanics”. He now resides in San Luis Obispo County, forming a collective of dancers and creators alike, with hopes to expand into the far reaches of the world, and travel.

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