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The concept of the album characterizes my ancient soul.
The connection to my ancestors, the roots routed in my veins, and above all to understand where I came from.

The metaphor of my ancient self is presented as a mythological creature.
The tunes and their names show the nature of the creature and her past.

You never know where you are going if you don’t understand where you came from.
And can only happen from a deep search for the “Inner self”.

(Writing by Kojo Alexander Green)

4 tracks EP

released September 14, 2023


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Gritzik Gennadiy.

Phoenix dance: Vocals by Noam Linenberg

Logo Design by MantisVision Art & Design.

Concept Cover Design, Promotion, Connection, Track Names by Kojo Alexander Green.

Mastering by Mindex.
Artwork by Kojo Alexander Green.

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #dub #bassmusic #melodic #deep #psybient #psybass #psychill #israel

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