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Alpha Hypnotica

Alpha Hypnotica is a unique musical project created by a married couple Tomas and Emerencia. Tomas is into djing and music production since 2004 and acts under his moniker Tomin Tomovic. Currently he leads the Slovak indie deep house label called Seta Label. As a solo artist and abel manager he focuses on melodic/deep house, hypnotic and dub techno. He has already released several tracks on various labels and performed on various domestic and international venues. A similar musical taste, a strong spiritual bond and a desire to create something special have led this couple to sit together in studio to create their first song, Think with Your Heart. Inspired by unconventional festivals such as Ozora or Samsara a common musical denominator has been found and the new audiovisual and spiritual project Alpha Hypnotica was born.  The music is based primarily on the following five main pillars: live vocals, own-recorded sounds from nature, orchestral and instrumental instruments, deep, mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere, spiritual undertones of lyrics in Sanskrt, English or Hungarian language. This all is pervaded by spirituality of the primordial tantra with a clear message: We are all able to reconnect and unify with the Source, the true Self. Although the idea, concept and basic composition are born together, the gentle and mysterious voice belongs to Emerencia, while Tomin is in charge of composition, production and post-production. Their work cannot be easily included in some of the present musical genres of the electronic music. In the broader sense it is a chill-out electronica with elements of ambient, dub techno, emotional orchestral and cinematic music, while the background is made up of deep, atmospheric and psychedelic sounds that helps to get the mind into its most creative states: Alpha and Hypnotic(a) – alpha and theta brainwaves. They have already released 2 albums on Melusine Records, couple of singles on different labels and their first EP has just come out on Merkaba Music.

They enjoy regular support from Astral Dude, Dj Lorn (Ancient Realms), Λ L Ι Ξ Ν, etc. When performing on stage the sets begin with a deep and meditative ambient and gradually increase the tempo and number of musical instruments. Through a pleasant chill-step and psybient they finish with an intelligent downtempo or dub techno. In addition to their own production, they adore and often play tracks from other great producers such as Aes Dana, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Asura, Logical Elements, Stefan Torto etc. in their dj mixes.

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