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Allix is an events organizer and DJ with over 10 years of experience playing and organizing parties and festivals in Brazil and Portugal.

Over the years she has shared many sets dedicated to the practice of Yoga, Meditation and also Ecstatic Dance.. as well as sharing a dynamic meditation practice based on her studies of shamanic meditation. In the electronic scene, Allix stands out in his mixes that range from chillout – strolling through styles such as downtempo, psychill, psybass, glitch, global bass – to techno and deep trance.

The combination of technique and sensitivity of her musical ensembles often gently lead the listener on a sensory journey focusing on positive and healing sound vibrations. Qualities that led her to play at the most renowned festivals in Europe and Brazil. Allix is part of the renowned Merkaba Music label team and coordinates the musical collective Moondance Music since 2012.

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#electronic #ambient #globalbass #downtempo #psychill #globalbeats #ethno  #glitchhop #grooveoriental #psychedelic #Brazil #Portugal

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