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Martina Garden

Imagination – it’s a wonderful thing. We all possess it, can access it at any time we wish, it costs nothing unlike many other objects we use to give ourselves a emotional boost and the ‘fix’ it gives us lasts far longer than a mug of coffee or a chunk of chocolate (even the really good stuff). It’s also significant in creating the pleasure each of us get out of reading – once we really engage with a book, a poem or music, our imaginations are sparked and we can embark on all sorts of journeys and adventures – big and small – that we may never find time to do in reality.

10 tracks Album

released January 27, 2022


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Marcel Umberg.

Graphic Art: Gene Raz von Edler
Graphic Design: Espepelen Artwork
Mastering: Zeamoon Mastering

#electronic #ambient #glitchhop #dubstep #bassmusic #melodic #deep #classic #psychill #melodic #Switzerland #cinematic #psychill

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