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Dub Puffin

“Three Years at Sea” is the debut EP of Dub Puffin, the new project by Bjorn Alpha. This musical journey follows a Puffin’s transition from sea to land, brought to life through jam sessions using analogue gear and various instruments. Bjorn is a music Composer/producer from Iceland/Greece.

4 tracks EP

released August 10, 2023


The Puffin, before he walks on land for the first time in his life, spends three years at sea.

His first steps in music were at the age of eleven, studying classical guitar at the National Conservatory of Greece. A few years later, he started experimenting with electronic music and went to study Music Production and Engineering. At the same time, he founded with Marios Podaras the project Deep In Mind.

In 2011 Bjorn moved to the UK for a master’s degree in Creative Music Practice, where he explored the possibilities of music composition, only by using found sound. Since then he has been composing and producing music for his two projects, Deep In Mind and Dub Puffin, while performing live, DJing, composing music for films and animation as well as collaborating with dancers and visual artists for various types of projects.

All tracks written and produced by Bjorn Alexandridis (DubPuffin).

Mastering by Merkaba Mastering.
Artwork by Manymanyz.

Special Thanks to Mariellen Malekaki (Puffinaki).

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