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Tides of Twilight is a deep journey that moves from soft caressing waves to undulating currents. The album takes the listener on an immersive journey.

Tides of Twilight first took shape on Orcas island in 2014 and evolved over 6 months. The album features collaborations with singers, guitarist, sax players, composers, and more. Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous, took his time in interweaving the album to bring this visceral experience.

10 tracks Album

released November 11, 2014


Thank you to all the friends and family that supported the creation of this album. Especially thank you to Satya Curcio for being a muse and friend in the creative process. Your patience and support made this possible.

Special Credits for musicians involved:

Track 1: features Kalpataru Tree and Kristen Willow on Vocals
Track 3: features George Sadak on Egyptian Tabla and GUDA on Sax
Track 4 and 6: features D’answer on Guitar
Track 7: features DRRTYWULVZ on composition and production
Track 9: features Michael Maricle on Piano and Composition
Track 10: features Desi on vocals.
Bonus Track Glimmers is a remix by Moon Frog
Bonus Track Ethereal Being is a new edit featuring Kelly Castle Scott and Soham on vocals.

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