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ShaMANoiD is created by British producer Stef Soma, a direct evolution from the UK based act known as Divine Soma Experiment (DSE), DJ Soma, and the SomaSoundSystem production.

ShaMANoiD’s music a hybrid of freestyle cutting edge electronic music and ethnic, world tribal music, takes you on a shamanic journey through different energies. From dance tempo, mid tempo and down to ambient. ShaMANoiD explores the experimental in electronic music, a journey though indescribable genres.

As a full live act ShaMANoiD performs with an emsemble of live musicians, including sitarist, cellist, bass player, drummer, percussionists and other surprise guests, however ShaMANoiD also plays a solo set with just laptop and midi controller when going to more remote gigs.

These acts have toured Japan, China, Bali, Thailand, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Spain and most of Western Europe, playing festivals and other venues.”

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