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This page will contain all the relevant info for participants coming to the Music and Mysticism retreat Hawaii so please take the time to read everything here.

Location: Location:

The retreat will be held at Manadina Farm in Naalehu, HI.

This beautiful property is an up and coming centre for celebration, retreats, permaculture, fine food and more.

We are so grateful to be partnering with Manadina for this retreat as its a very special space with incredible natural surrounds and close to many of the incredible natural wonders that the island had to offer, including the volcano.

Getting Here: Getting Here:

Sunday is arrival day and everyone is expected to be on site by that evening.
If you are renting a car from the airport its a lovely drive and you can easily find Manadina farm in Google maps.

Shuttle Bus: Shuttle Bus:

We will organize a shuttle to pickup from Kona airport on Sunday 14th that will depart after the days main flights @ 2:15pm. (To be confirmed). There will be a return shuttle going back to Kona airport on Sunday 21st that will arrive at the terminals before the day’s main flights.

If you would like to take the shuttle please contact us directly with your arrival time and flight information.

Weekly Schedule: Schedule:

Meals each day:
(Dinner only on arrival day – Breakfast & Lunch only on departure day)
Breakfast – 8am – 9am
Lunch – 1pm – 2:30 pm
Dinner 5:30pm – 7pm
7:30 AM – Each morning we will start our day with a morning practice of Breathwork and Stretching 
We will have 4+ hours of lab most days – with the option to use the workspace for extra creation time if desired
  • Arrival day – Time to get settled into your new surroundings
  • Today we explore foundational element in our approach to creation.
  • How we show up – Why we show up.
  • The ultimate template – Nuts and bolts setup for swift effortless creation.
  • Start with a good sound.
  • Healthy creation practice.
  • Tyler will offer his perspectives on the days topics.
  • We explore the blueprints of creation and creative energy to give an understanding of our relationship to these themes.
  • We get deep into ‘visionary’ techniques in out approach to song creation.
  • Letting the inspiration flow.
  • Simple beginning EQ and FX for inspiring results.
  • Sound design- a simple yet powerful approach.
  • Exploring our relationship to commitment and discipline on and off the canvas.
  • Sound and EQ  from feeling to technical.

  • Dynamics and character.

  • Deeper sound design.
  • Eve shares her perspectives on the days topics and cultivation ‘presence’.
  • Adventure day: We will take the morning to go together and enjoy nature somewhere beautiful.
  • Drawing inspiration from the living world.
  • How to be more in the body and how this can radically enhance our creative process.

  • What is sound ‘healing’?
  • Self criticism & judgement.
  • Our artistic relationship to the ‘shadow’.
  • Our relationship to our global perspective.
  • Advanced and creative EQ.
  • Advanced sound design.
  • Art and Ego.

  • Performance – who are you on stage?
  • Art vs Entertainment.

  • Marketing and carrier.

  • Final mixdown wizardry.

  • Essential mastering techniques.
  • Departure day – Hugs and goodbyes.

Food: Food:

If you are driving from the airport and want to get some extra snacks and drinks for the retreat we recommend shopping at Island Naturals in Kona. It specializes in mostly organic and supports a lot of local farms and food artisans.

Dietary Restrictions
If you have any dietary requirements please let us know so we can have the chef accommodate to your needs.
Send an email to –

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Other essentials:

Bring a laptop with your favorite DAW (obviously), a good set of headphones and a small midi keys/controller if you have one.

Coquí frogs
These adorable, yet noisy little frogs have been known to bother visitors to the island. If you are sensitive to new sounds then you’ll want to bring some ear plugs.

The weather in this part of the island is very dynamic and the property hosting the retreat is at 1300ft elevation so be prepared for everything.

Rain poncho or small travel umbrella.

Something warm for cooler evenings/nights.
(Lowest expected temperature – 60ºF / 15ºC)

Adventure day is weather dependent and we might go for a hike, or a swim.