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In the jungles of Hawaii from a remote location with the resonance of the forrest and the air from the Ocean is where this inspiration manifest. Nanda a veteran Producer, Remix artist and DJ has spent over 15 years steadily pursuing the art of vibrating subwoofers with crystallized sonic frequencies. The music is best described as journey music mixed with deep psycadellic dub, world inspired bass and micro tuned Neuro glitch synth technologies. The sounds are somewhat of a time machine that capture the moments of the ancients revisited through teleportation into the modern complexities of today’s electronic music. The intention is to reignite the deep rooted feelings of tribal dance and visionary concept. Having continuously played underground and mainstream events Nanda has been in and around the epicenter of the Bass music phenomena on the west coast of America since the early days pre millennia. Nanda has played a number of large North American festivals such as Burning man, Symbiosis, Lucidity, Oregon Eclipse, Raindance, Southern California’s Moontribe dessert events and others. As a remix artist Nanda has remixed artist’s such as Dessert dwellers, Birds of paradise, Bassline drift, Mystral, Minnesota, Little Star, and even world acts such as Kirtaniyas and Jai Uttal. Moving ahead In the present Nanda is looking forward to the new chapter of his production and musical offerings that he is working hard to offer.

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