COAM - White Figures

White Figures

When you born you are awakened for the first time with a white transcendental light. Light full of life and warmth. It's the same bright light which appears repetitively in our life, exposed to our real self, during moments of ultimate bliss and deep understanding. It is then when you realize there is no distinction between Sunlight, a Crystal reflection, a White String hanging from the sky to your Crown Chakra or a true being dressed in pure white, guiding you how to carry your inner self into the most beautiful living loving place of your consciousness. This album serves as prism for your white light to grow and explode for a rainbow of colors and liberating insights while you are chilling, meditating, practicing, dancing, praying or just when the fire whispers you words of wisdom.

Release Date: 06/05/2021

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Participating Musicians:
Track 1 – Vocals by Pushkar Lele.
Track 2 – Acoustic Guitar by Charlie Sabach.
Track 3 – Bansuri Flute by Sunil Avachat.
Track 4 – Mandolin by Charlie Sabach.
Track 6 – Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo by Elad Nehmad.
Indonesian Xylophone by Amit Marco.
Recorded by Boaz Jordan.

Artwork by Gita on Mars

Mastering by Amit Marco (Coam)
Concept adviser – Avital Faibis Marco
Release biography - Ofir Mitrani
Written & Produced: Amit Marco (Coam)

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