Tribalicious is the shamanic chillout project of Bastiaan "Senseblender" Swager (NL) and Sam "Whaletrance" David (USA). Inspired by the highest divine truths and using music as a heart opening healing vessel, they create deep vibrant auditory journeys which aim to connect people to the one sacred source. Their music contains a multitude of organic sound healing instruments blended with cosmic beats, natural spheres and spacious synthesised soundwaves.

Release Date: 11/02/2016

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Written by: Bastiaan 'Senseblender' Swager & Sam 'Whaletrance' David
Produced by: Bastiaan 'Senseblender' Swager

Guest musicians:
Starmantra - vocals: roxy faye
Crystalize - vocals: roxy faye, guitars: scott huckabay

Mixing & Mastering: DMT Music Production
Art: Point Zero Productions