Beatfarmer - Remixed


"Over 10 plus years of music production, I have been blessed collaborate with some great producers and the time felt right to have some of them reinterpret beatfarmer tracks from my past few releases. I have always loved remixes, they bring a fresh perspective to the music and find hidden gems of sound which might have been tucked away in the original. The result is a tribal, bassy journey through beatfarmer's classic sound." Adam Wood (beatfarmer)

Release Date: 21/10/2021

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Mastering by Jeremy Costa at Backward Clock Sound
Artwork by Adam Wood

Additional Vocals on Piano Masala: Montry Thaalavattam
Pangani Remix – Sebastian Frisch
Stratusphere Remix – Jacob Paskus
Jeremy's Aura Remix – Jeremy Costa
Weka Tek Remix – Brendan Evans
Adham Shaikh Remix – Adham Shaikh
EMOG Remix – Emile Vartanian
Advanced Suite Remix – Patrick Palone

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