Symbolico - Perceiving All

Perceiving All

These frames are the frames of my soul as I keep flowing in the journey of creation. This journey is a path that goes beyond therapy and beyond the need for healing of our human kind into the picture of the world as an infinite frame of stories within stories all depending on one another for the realization of the harmony within the totality of stories. Reflections are our way of looking at our own essence and yet learn something new each time we look. The message in this story is not these words or this music in this album rather, the message is always - listen. You are perceiving all and yet you make this whole into infinite yous. Infinite point of views Of you and you and you. Thank you for listening.

Release Date: 21/11/2019

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Art and Music production : Or Ron Stern
Mastering and post production : Or Ron Stern
Album Cover art : Gyuri Lohmuller

Sampled quotes:
Dr. Hu len on Gaian portal.
Teal Swan on Seeing auras.
Dr. Hu len on Dreamy face.
Imaya Sabine on The answer.
Bruce Lipton and Fred Alan Wolf on Who are you.