Basher Toe - Pasifika


Welcome to the next experience of my musical journey. This time i was universally drawn deep into the mysterious ancient cultures of the pacific ocean. After diving into study of various ancient pacific cultures such as the Hawaiians, Polynesian islanders, Maoris of New Zealand and the Aborigines of Australia, i naturally started to manifest my inner self through their cultural & tribal intentions. With energetic chants, unique musical instruments, endemic wildlife ambiences, and tribal rhythms fused into modern electronica, I welcome you to express your deepest human nature: The calm, the grateful, the ecstatic, the Wild. Have a pleasant journey. Chen (Basher Toe)

Release Date: 13/12/2019

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All Tracks 1-5 Produced & Mixed by Chen Beer.
Track 3: Didgeridoo played & recorded by: Gabriel Kimchi of TREEBOGA.

Mastering: Or Ron Stern
Cover Artwork: Eyal Chirurg