Sallun - Gypsy Freaks Vol. 2

Gypsy Freaks Vol. 2

Gypsy Freaks Vol. 2 album is the second part of Luciano Sallun's nomadic trilogy, bringing together the realms of electronica, Gypsie, Balkan, with a Turkish and Rajastan touch. The production delivers organic musicality and a fusion of melodic ornaments with synthesizers and digital beats. Gypsy Freaks is also an allusion to the circus, and where the sound has a circus-like atmosphere while also containing influences of downbeat, psydub, dubstep and glitch. Expect humor, dancing, celebration and fun! Gypsy Freaks Vol. 1 was released in 2019 by Merkaba Music, and we are excited to bring you this new Vol. 2.

Release Date: 11/02/2021

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Production and mixing by Luciano Sallun.

Mastering by Marcelo Fakri
Artwork by Rodrigo Mitsuru

Luan Frenk – Violin
Matt Sah – Violin
Felipe Myake – Violin
Thadeu Romano - Acordeon
Luciano Sallun – Saz, Baglama and Mochand