Arcturus - Gateway


“Gateway” is the 3rd Studio release for Arcturus, following his latest release “Ineffable”. Gateway is a story and an opening to a portal of a journey that is continuing following the journey of “Templates”, the first of Arcturus’s releases. The image represents an offering being made to the higher councils of light, of a frequency key, that holds knowledge and information from the people of earth. This delivering of the frequency key allows for the flow of information between the dimensions of reality, and provided a key for communication between worlds. Now we will share a poem written by the creator of the album art, Erial Ali. “There is a moment when we must cross another bridge or pass through a new gateway. This is a new threshold and needs be done right in order to maintain the integrity of the journey. In this scene we have an intrepid traveler giving a Gift of Light to the Galactic Portal Authority of the region. Also called a Frequency Key, this offering is the Way through No Way. They say you can't get there from here, unless your energy of Fear turns into the energy of Curiosity and Wonder. “ ~A Radiant Heart knows no Boundaries ♡ Erial Aeon Ali Blessings to all sentient beings, may all beings be free, may all beings receive the love from the dimensions of reality beyond, and so it is.

Release Date: 30/09/2021


Written, Produced, and Mixed by Daniel Kaplan (Arcturus).

Mastering by Mindex
Artwork by Erial Ali

Track 8. "Mahalo Aina" featuring Kaliloa Kealoha on the vocals.
Track 2. "Portal Authority" featuring Taruna Music.

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