• Members: Robin
  • HomeTown: London, Britain (UK)

She’s a powerful channel for the eloquent transmission of higher frequencies - a bonafide selectress on a mission to connect the physical and spiritual realms through the mystique of music. Robin Triskele knows her stuff. The 20 years she’s dedicated to underground dance music culture is testament to that fact. With a fearless curiosity, the artist has explored the depths of electronic dance music as she moves you seamlessly with an impressive collection through Psydub, EDM, Bass Music, Psychedelic Glitch, intelligent DnB and other eclectic downbeat forms of electronica. You can also catch her playing a more funky up-beat tech-house and techno sound under the label, Tribal Vision. 


Now part of the Merkaba Music family, Robin has been at the helm of the PR/consulting agency, Triskele Management since 2003, providing PR, marketing and consulting solutions to the scene’s top events, artists and labels. Since that time, she’s played a pivotal role in the promotion of more than 250 music releases. 


Connected to the spirit of the global gathering, Robin has worked with countless events, providing management, organisation and public relations and marketing-related services. From managing stages to coordinating line-ups, the artist has made a long-term commitment to events such as Tribal Gathering (Panama), Sonica (Italy), Vuuv (Germany), Solstice (Netherlands) and Metsa in Finland.


With her positive colourful, engaging spirit, she connects with the light frequencies of sound, projecting a playful energy from the decks to the floor. She consciously connects to the music to spread a positive vibration across the crowd. Always smiling, forever passionate, this Tribal Vision DJ will feed you the tastiest morsels of music with her funk-driven, quirky approach when sharing the best of electronica. The Chill Out and Alternative stages would simply not be the same without her!


With her vibrant spirit, she’s captivated crowds and the attention of many well-respected music professionals, sharing the stage with the likes of Tripswitch, Kaya Project, Pitch Black, Bird of Prey, Banco de Gaia, Kalya Scintilla, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb, Birds of Paradise, Akasha, Bluetech, Juno Reactor, Brujo’s Bowl, Gaudi, International Observer, Quanta, Entheogenic and numerous other widely respected artists. 


Thanks to her passion for good quality music production, Robin launched her label, Triskele Music in 2014. She continues to inspire like-minded souls with her original style, playing top quality sounds to music lovers everywhere, including England, Greece, Belgium, Finland, Panama, USA, Mexico, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Hungary.  
Artist Bio by Anu Sharma :  Anuki Media