Nanda under banyon
  • Members: nanda
  • HomeTown: Santa Cruz Mountains, United States
Nanda Resides deep in the canopy of the California coastal Redwood's. Between the deep resonance of the forest and the air from the Ocean is where the inspiration is born. A long time veteran Producer, Remix artist and DJ who has been steadily pursuing the art of going to and fro vibrating subwoofers with crystallized sonic frequencies. His music is best described as journey music mixed with global Bass and micro tuned Neuro glitch synth technologies. It is somewhat of a time machine that captures the moments of our ancients revisited through teleportation into the modern complexities of today's electronic music. The intention is to serve the Sub wookies and creatures inspired by the mystery of life or those looking for something outside of mainstream EDM. With over 10 years of continuously playing underground and mainstream events Nanda has been in and around the epicenter of the Bass music festival culture phenomenon that has grown rapidly on the west coast of America and quickly spread its wings across the globe.

Record labels
Merkaba music 
Sofa beats
Mystic sounds
Dessert trax
Sacred technology
Aquatic collective
Addictech records
Gravitas Recordings 
Muti Music 
Be green records
Daly City Recordings 
Earthdance Music, 
Synchronos Recordings,
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