Kalya Scintilla: Evokation 2017

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Posted on 21 March 2017

Evokation Sacred Art is a Ritual Theatre Collaborative. This project began in 2009, formerly named Soulvoice, based in southern California where professional artists in the area were drawn to work with this new budding collective. It’s first production was rooted in mythology which unexpectedly lead the entire troupe into a transcendental experience for all those involved proving not be just mere entertainment but of high personal value to all. Quickly these types of shows at small local gatherings became a visceral experience of empowerment and transformation for the community of both performers and audience.


The journey in creating a solid platform for Evokation to fully emerge inside the festival culture of the west coast has been a long and arduous one. As transformational festivals have been focused on fire, circus, and other forms of stage entertainment there has been little exploration of multi-cultural theatre performance focused in the ancient arts of story telling and ritual theatre. This long awaited offering has been intentionally curated by the producer and director Eve Olution, in hopes to create something beyond mere entertainment to offer festival mainstages across the u.s. this year.


Evokation gave a sneak peek into what was to come for 2017 last May at the Boulder Theatre. Those audience members got to drink in a full theatrical retelling of Kalya Scintilla’s Open Ancient Eyes: The Storybook of Earth. A delicate balance of story line performance inside a dancefloor setting where intentional moments within the live set were fully dedicated to only dancing and moments where the dancing became enlivened by the story being told on stage.  This year the story continues with the 2nd Kalya Scintilla album in the three part Trilogy series. Both Kalya and Eve have been co-creating the vision for this next chapter and are excited to feature the unreleased music and brand new stage show interwoven with the visual hand drawn animation of Dave Zaboski, former Disney Animator.


Pulling inspiration from multi cultures around the planet, this years production focuses largely on genres that may have never been showcased or given full lime light on any transformational festival stage on the planet. Intentionally bringing forward art forms that our western culture have long forgotten in order to invite us all to reclaim, reconnect, remember the true power of embodied ancient mythology as a common and known vehicle to re connect us to our god nature. These types of transcendental experiences rooted in the ancient arts are so important to Eve Olution & Kalya Scintilla that they have dedicated years of their mastery to bringing this forward and inviting modern audiences to feel these powerful ancient vibrations within their art. This will be a beautiful moment to explore this type of dedicated intention to discover for ourselves the truth behind these words.


From  2012 to 2017 this project has evolved from a one woman stage show to now a fully trained cast of performers as it was always intended to be. It has taken many patient years of building this particular platform for other devotional performers to stand. The cast of performers this year are held by a container of extensive training and dedication to their personal evolution (over several months) which becomes interwoven within the art. The intention for the performers involved is to share this journey live on stage in front of thousands of people as a raw living transmission that can only be authentically given from months of hard work, personal ritual practice, and dedication. Every nuance of rehearsal is devoted to daily intentional mindful routine as the mythos is authentically breathed alive inside each collaborating member. This very special offering will be experienced on several live main stages across the united states for the summer of 2017, including the largest International gathering of Oregon Eclipse/Symbiosis on the west coast.

 2016 Live Performance of ‘Open Ancients Eyes’ : Video :