Merkaba Music - Secret Sound

Posted on 02 July 2018

Merkaba Music artists collaborate on an epic sample pack. 
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Change for Trees

Posted on 01 June 2018

Kalya Scintilla, Eve Olution and their fans donate $1111 towards reforestation efforts in the US. 

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Kalya Scintilla: Evokation 2017

Posted on 21 March 2017

Evokation joins Kalya Scintilla this summer for a special debut of the new upcoming album.

Enseñame (All profits to save the Guatemalan cloud forests)

Music for Cloud Forests

Posted on 22 October 2016

Today Numatik and Merkaba Music donated $500 to protect the ancient Cloud Forests in Cerro El Amay, Guatemala. 

Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes - Vinyl Pressing

Posted on 01 February 2016

We are raising funds to get Open Ancient Eyes etched into the historic records of vinyl!


A new Merkaba album is coming...

Posted on 01 February 2016

A sneak preview of the forthcoming Merkaba album - As Earth To Sky

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Microtuning - A reasonably simple guide.

Posted on 29 March 2015

By changing the tuning of our instruments away from the 'standard' western Equal Temperament tuning we are able to access and explore different feeling and resonance our music... 

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It all starts with a seed....

Posted on 15 January 2015

This page is to be a seed. A tiny seed with the potential to grow into a huge luscious tree.

The focus will be 'The Temple of Dance', the place that many of us visit to worship, connect, release, or just be.

How can we evolve our Temple of Dance? What works and wat does not.

Check back when sychonicity guide you and witness the unfurling of ideas, visions and inspiration.