Links to other labels we love...

Shanti Planti

Shanti Planti is an auditory collective of spirit uplifting midtempo bass music. Fusing ancient eastern rhythms with futuristic glitches and basslines, Shanti Planti invokes healing vibrations to the mind, body and soul.


Mycelium Music

Mycelium Music is a record label, event production company and art collective with the objective of bringing attention to important global ecological issues. We utilize a cooperative model for all of our creations through emphasizing collaboration and live instrumentation. We hope to stem the tides of destruction caused by unconscious consumption by way of providing a much needed outlet for human energy through the mediums of music, physical practice, art, social networking and education.

Omelette Records

Record label of the Australia producer extraordinaire Spoonbill.  Lots of tasty sounds to be found here. 


Desert Trax

The roots of Desert Trax are in the southwest deserts, with innumerable tribal dance gatherings across the Mojave, New Mexico, and the Black Rock Deserts of northern Nevada. A long-time collaboration between music producers Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe, which began as the Amani vs. Teapot project of the '90s, paved the way to the formation of both Desert Dweller and Desert Trax.

Street Ritual

Street Ritual is a conduit for sounds, media, images and ideas that interact with one’s perception, inspire and enlighten. The ritual connects us to our tribal roots, as we dance around the fire of old ways, burning what now does not serve us. Through this ritual we birth a new, global consciousness. You have reached a point on this path, the dance is now your own destiny