Kalya Scintilla & Evoke

These amazing artisans began collaborating in early 2012. With Kalya’s sound architecture & Eve’s theatrical direction, the two quickly created tangible transcendent Art across the planet.  Their live performances have gained a reputation of inviting audiences  into meaningful moments of catharsis again and again.  Archetypal mythology anchors their story weaving inside theatre & music. The ancient tribal beats that have been dancing us on this planet for thousands of years carries the heart beat inside each of their live shows. They intentionally honor the ancestral world, infuse it into a modern electronic dance floor setting, & transcend us all into union. What they do together has been described as so very different than mere entertainment. Traveling through Europe, Australia, Africa, North & South America, this dynamic duo without a doubt deliver something very special that people travel far and wide in order to receive.



Kalya Scintilla


Australian Music Producer, Kalya (Ka –lee- yah) Scintilla ( Sin–till –ah) has always had a love for music; playing in garage bands, banging on drum kits, spinning vinyl in the night clubs of Sydney and getting down to funk! Kalya had a knowing one night listening to one of the most profound pieces of visionary music from the legendary Herbie Hancock, that his soul’s mission was to make music his life’s devotion. Soon after this experience he enrolled himself into a two year audio engineering course and eventually left the city to work on music in the country deep into nature.  Taking on small part time jobs to get him by, he made his sole focus and time dedicated to honing his craft. He signed on with Zenon records in 2009 putting him on the map inside the psy-trance world with his first project, Merkaba. His second project, Kalya Scintilla made it to the top ten in additech.com charts in the same year and by 2011 he was touring the U.S. west coast. Kalya Scintilla took hold in the United States as dance floors were all a buzz about the masterful style in which Kalya was throwing down squelchy funky grooves that were uniquely deep and hypnotic. In 2012 he began collaborating with artist Evoke (formerly eve olution) inside the album Open Ancient Eyes. New elements took root as these two worked in the studio to add detailed nuances to weave the current mythos of our time within the music. This album is the first of three inside a trilogy dedicated to our human journey, this planet, and our connection to creation itself. Today both Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba are renowned throughout almost every continent on the planet and the popularity of both projects are growing as more & more people are connected with the deep seeded intention of every song.


 2014 Kalya Scintilla -Jazzwall Arts

Evoke (formerly Eve Olution)


An American Transpersonal Producer, Director & Actor, Eve, is a unique world recognized artisan. Her mediums are alchemical in nature as they fuse traditional themes of mythology and psychology, through the lens of transpersonal theatrical interplay. Eve’s extensive background in theatre began as a child and continued after graduating with a bachelor of arts degree, then going on to produce & direct productions of her own on the west coast. Her focus has always been aimed at engaging audiences into awakening their innate connection to presence.  Dedicated to anchoring presence inside each moment, she intentionally laces mythology and archetypal play as a way to evoke the emergent field of unified consciousness. This becomes a palpable experience for every audience member, together entering into the many layers of intelligence that we call the unified field. Eve's passion lead her to experience and continue studying the intricate nuances of archetype within the subconscious mind. Jungian psychology and the work of Barbara Brennan fused as a pathway to navigate the experiential depths of how archetype evolves within the human psyche. Cultivating artworks that intentionally invite and permission individuals as well as  groups into somatic healing were the prevailing themes.  She quickly began to create productions to highlight these discoveries and formulate sustainable potency.  Evokation Sacred Art , was created as a theatre collective to anchor and explore the profundity of this kind of transpersonal theatre. From 2009 to now, Eve focuses on the holistic healing nature of Art and works with individuals as well as various groups to explore the latent potential within each human heart. The alchemy of art, healing & mythology continue to fuel Eve's work. We can only imagine what new forms of art will emerge as she evolves this catalyzing  work in the name of human evolution.