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“Da’at” (דַּעַת, translated from ancient Hebrew – “knowledge, wisdom”) – is  the concept of knowledge that plays an essential role for humanity. This is the key and the guide for the endless journey towards ourselves through the fog of illusions. Eternal knowledge is something we both aspire to and carefully avoid as that can lead to both enslavement and total liberation.
Like a mysterious vessel, “Da’at”, crafted with earth-shaking contemporary bass lines, creates a portal to the past, where each rhythmic pattern reveals the sagacity of the ages. This is where the primal essence of tribal beats meets the sophistication of modern synthesis, forging a pathway not just through music, but through time itself, unlocking the fascinating ancient wisdom that has perennially guided humanity’s quest for understanding.

“Da’at” is not merely an album; it is a call to adventure, a beckoning to the dawn of time, inviting the brave to experience both the ecstasy of joy, and the abyss of the unknown. This is your invitation to journey through sound, to find liberation in the dance with the true self among the primordial knowledge.

4 Tracks EP

released January 4, 2024


Mastering by Mindex

Konstantin Boot (Da’at)
Anetta Morozova (AAVA)



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