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After 10 years in Ubud Bali (producing at Soma Sound Studios), Stef Soma has had the honor to collaborate with some of the most gifted vocalists, sound healers and musicians from around the world. With this collective comes this epic release:

ShaMANoiD – Am I Dreaming

5 tracks EP

released December 8, 2022


MANkind is the bridge between the ShaMAN and the huMANoiD.
ShaMANoID – A hybrid of ancient, acoustic tribal and world instruments with cutting edge electronica.

Am I Dreaming (Part 2)
The second EP, focused on Downtempo beats as a follow-up to “Otherly Worlds”
A voyage into the magical realm of the dream-state, post orgasmic bliss, near death experience and deep meditation trance.

A truly psychedelic musical journey – this is a unique production.

All instruments played by Stef Soma Tracks 1-3
All songs composed, produced, recorded and mixed by Stef Soma, @ Soma Sound Studios in Bali.

Additional Song credits:

Track 4 Downtemple
Additional co production by Brett Merril – USA
Didge by random didge guy at random live gig

Track 5 Musedelica
Shakuhachi Flute by Kevin James Carroll ( – Australia
Vocals by Sundari Aleph – Russia
Water Drums by Akira Ikeda ( Akirasunrise ) – Japan
Bass by Stef Soma – UK
Synthesizers and programming by Stef Soma

#electronic #ambient  #glitchhop #dubstep #dub #bassmusic #melodic #deep #psybient #psybass #psychill #england

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