Change for Trees

Posted by Kalya Scintilla on 09 November 2016

Voices of true change echo louder as natives of this land have been standing up to big corporations to protect our water sources here in the U.S.  Let more and more of us place our energy and awareness towards tending to the Earth and restore clean water to the land. 

In fall of 2015 Earth Heart placed Seeds in the hands of all those who came to see us around the U.S. to aid the Bees & Butterflies. This holiday we would love you to join us in planting Tree Seedlings. 

Think about this:

Have you ever thought about how many Trees are killed during this time of year? ALL the trees cut down and plastic items purchased in mass during the holiday season. hmmm....

Do you want to instead Re Forest Re Plant disappearing trees from eco destruction?Think about it. How about we Give gifts to the EARTH and give a gift that gives to the whole planet.

Planting trees brings fresh water back to dried up creeks and rivers from the deforestation. Trees root the water onto the earth to create freshwater ways to flow again and bring back eco habitats and preserve these Forests for our future. Not to mention they give us the air we breathe.

Every dollar counts, more dollars will plant more trees so help us spread the word and spread the Act of giving love to this earth.

We are the change we have been waiting for!


Merkaba Music is collecting change for Trees and will be personally giving 100% of the funds collected directly to the Tree Sanctuary of Ahu Lani who is a certified member of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). In addition we will be giving a portion of our own pay from these events to this sanctuary.

Consider Adopting a tree for gifts for the holidays. Plaques can be created in honor of celebrating a new life, new unions, or to give as an act of remembrance to a loved one.

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